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The Respect@Work Report and the Need for Action in 2021 (by my fellow Director, Jodie Fox at Worklogic)

The Respect@Work Report was released in March of this year (which in 2020 feels like ten years ago, rather than ten months).

The report, which was the product of two year’s work, over 500 submissions, and 60 sessions of consultation across the nation, was released by the…


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Procedural fairness in investigations of reportable conduct allegations (by my colleague Brooke Hall)

A reportable conduct investigation is necessarily different, and can sometimes be more complex to navigate, than other types of workplace investigations.

In a reportable conduct context, it is obviously imperative that the investigator ensures all children are provided the opportunity to be involved (unless there is a very good reason that they are not) and that they are provided with a supportive and comfortable environment to report their concerns and/or their version of events.…


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At the risk of being a Grinch...

2019 is racing to the end like a rocket-propelled sleigh. Your team have worked hard all year and you plan to reward them with an office end-of-year/Christmas party, with all the trimmings.

You worry though about what might happen if things get out of hand and it is natural to be cautious. I don't want to be all boohoo about this time…


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Some tips to avoid a HR hangover on 1 July!

As this financial year sprints to the end, a lot of employees will be looking forward to the much awaited ‘end of financial year’ party. While this is a great way for employees to take a breath after the year that was, it can become a testing time for HR staff when last drinks are called.

To help minimise or avoid poor behaviour, here are some tips:

  • Remind employees about what constitutes unacceptable behaviour and the consequences for such behaviour.
  • Encourage…

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Workplace Investigation or Workplace Review?

Have you ever had that niggly feeling that something just is not right in a particular area of the organisation?  Perhaps staff are alerting you to the fact that someone is not behaving as they should, but are not prepared to make a formal complaint.  What can you do?  We would suggest you think about doing a workplace review.

What is the difference between a Workplace Investigation and a Workplace…


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What is one of the important things to get right in a workplace investigation?

When facilitating Effective Workplace Investigations training, participants will often ask me what I believe is the most important part of the investigative process. Naturally, my first thought is… Everything! That is because I believe workplace investigations are an essential part of any robust grievance handling process, and therefore need to be conducted in such a way that procedural fairness is maintained for all involved. Deconstruct the investigative process and you discover a number…


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