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The Job Market has changed yet again! Here’s how-to catch-up post pandemic

The world as we knew it has been turned upside down with a global pandemic disrupting borders, causing economic downfall, mental stress and most of all – redundancies, unemployment and having to find new jobs. 

The job market has taken a large hit. Businesses have been forced to work remotely, companies have invested largely in e-learning and other technology-based solutions, zoom virtual backgrounds are the new “outfit of the day”

“Companies will need to be even more…


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Importance of improving digital skills for the workforce of the future

With the entire workplace moving online – everyone has had to sharpen their digital skills in order to function. Using technology has now become a necessity rather than a choice. Technological advancements have been evolving since the beginning, but since the pandemic, companies have heavily invested in infrastructure, technology and online platforms to help make workplaces more efficient.

In this era, improving digital skills is really important to stay relevant and dynamic. At a…


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The best way to partner with a career coach - Partnering with a coach 101

Being made redundant or being stood down feels like you’ve been thrown into the deep end when you’ve forgotten how to swim. In such situations, your life-jacket could be a career coach who helps you navigate through the stormy weather. 

One of Career Money Life’s very own career coaches has put together a comprehensive guide on partnering with a coach - what you need to know, why it may work out for you, what qualities you should look for etc.

“Working with a coach…


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4 Reasons Why Baby Boomers Might Not Want to Retire

With 4 million baby boomers set to retire in the next few years, they’ll soon be a large new influx of people lining up their putts and enjoying their holiday homes. And as the nation’s wealthiest ever generation, what’s not to look forward to?!? Boomers will finally get the free time - and money - to enjoy themselves after decades of hard work. 

Yet despite the ‘golden years’ being the dream of many, among the…


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Why there should be no such thing as a standardised wellness program

Self-care is the new horizon for employers in the 21st century. From apps like Headspace that tout their meditative benefits to…


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How to Stop the Baby Boomer Brain Drain

Australia is about to enter an age unparalleled in our history: the age of the great retirement. Our largest generation ever, the Baby Boomers, will soon exit the workforce forever, leaving 4 million vacant positions in their wake and taking an enormous amount of corporate knowledge, wisdom, and expertise with them. 

And with this exit could come devastating consequences. …


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Will we soon see a Great Reset of people’s careers?

Careers are funny things. When we reflect on them, we can always tell a narrative; explain how one opportunity seamlessly turned into the next until we reach an endgame. Yet when we’re living them, they can feel like a different experience entirely. Often we find ourselves happily meandering; jumping from one job to the next and not taking it all too seriously. Sometimes, we make what we think are enlightened moves, only to take a step in the wrong direction. Other times still, we fall into…


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Standing down employees or worse? Here’s how to look after your people

These are certainly strange times we find ourselves in. Every day, more countries (and businesses) are shutting their doors. Whole industries are worried about their future, including anyone associated with travel, hospitality, and leisure. The virus is in almost every country on earth – and in almost everyone’s minds. 

While companies are currently scrambling to figure out what their future might look like, a lot of us in HR might have received the news we were dreading – that we’ll…


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