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6 Proven Techniques for Improving Employee Productivity

Improving employee productivity is arguably one of the most complex tasks you could be required to undertake as a business owner or an HR professional, though with the right data and a reliable guide, the process might not be as difficult as you imagined.

Depending on the type of business you own or manage, you’ll need to make a few changes, invest in some new equipment and implement a few exciting new strategies. You’ll find that the productivity boost won’t happen immediately,…


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Is HR Management Right For You?

When considering the career prospects in HR management, you may be thinking to yourself, is really this really the dream job that I’m after? To many human resources managers, they find HR management as a challenging yet rewarding role, benefiting from all various encounters with important personnel in business. Human resources management (HRM) involves a wide range of responsibilities including recruitment and section, dispute negotiation, training and development as well as dealing with…


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Why Human Resources Is Still So Relevant

For both a small business and large multinational corporations, the function of human resources is far more than processing payroll and hiring people. Human resources function is as essential as any aspect of the business when it comes to strategy. Additionally, any employee centred activities in the organisation rely on human resources.  So, why is human resources…


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How to Develop an Effective Employee Credit Card Policy

Small and large businesses are doing everything they can to minimise expenses in the hope of cutting total costs and increasing profits. Typically, expenses related to employee travel and purchases are areas where changes can be implemented quickly. One of the simplest ways to reduce unnecessary spending is to create an employee credit card policy. A company that lays…


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Why Trademarks Are Important for Your Business

Trademarks are all around us. Each day we are dealing with trademarks, it’s another way of referring to brands.

Trademarks or brands are always influencing consumer purchasing decisions. So, why are they so important? It's critical that owners, investors and employees all have a good understanding of why a trademark is so important.

Here are the top…


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