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HR’s role in COVID-normal workplaces…

Without a doubt, 2020 has been a challenging year for most people. A year where it forced people to adapt to new realities and challenges, whether positive or negative. From a workplace perspective, HR functions needed to rapidly pivot in uncharted ways in response to COVID-19. Agile HR professionals had to adapt to a new mindset and various working methods…


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No Escaping Artificial Intelligence

There seems to be a lot of uncertainty whether future jobs will be replaced by robots or not? So, what does this mean for our workers and the workplace in general? Is Artificial Intelligence a threat to jobs or is it something that will make life easier for workers and the general business? Should our workers worry about the future of their jobs or should they embrace these technologies?…


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Importance of a healthy workplace culture

In most workplaces, it is very common to hear terms such as ‘workplace culture’ or hiring managers, advising that they are looking for ‘the right culture fit’ when considering candidates for their vacancies. What does it really mean when we say, ‘workplace culture’ or ‘the right culture fit’?

What is workplace…


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How to avoid a work Christmas function disaster

Just like the rest of us, you are probably wondering ‘where has the year gone’? It’s that time of the year where workers are looking forward to a well-deserved break and to spend quality time with family/friends. No doubt, it is also that time of the year where most employers are biting their nails hoping for Christmas parties to not turn into a disaster. This article will cover some of the basic tips for employers to meet their legal and moral obligations.…


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A disciplinary action guide for underperformers

No doubt, we all cringe when we need to deal with an underperformer in the workplace. However, it’s important to note that managing an underperformer is common practice which most, if not all employers have to deal with at some stage. If not handled properly, it can lead to a disaster which can tarnish the reputation, viability and profitability of the employer’s business. Therefore, it is critical for employers to have proper disciplinary action policies/procedures in place to avoid any…


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Creating Safety Culture in ‘National Safe Work Month’

We are almost half way through the National Safe Work Month, a national initiative to highlight the importance of work health & safety and workers compensation. I am confident that most interactive businesses have already taken advantage of this opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to creating a safe and positive work environment. If you haven’t already done something within your business, it might now be an appropriate time to host a workplace health and safety event, providing…


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It’s okay not to be okay

Today is ‘World Suicide Prevention Day’ and Thursday is ‘R U OK? Day’ – two very important dates in the calendar year allowing us to reflect, raise awareness and discuss the importance of mental health in our workplaces.

Mental health in the workplace

According to various data, it is estimated that one in five Australian employees report having…


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It all starts with effective onboarding

We all know how time consuming it can be when attracting and recruiting for a new role. There are so many things we need to factor before inviting a candidate for a face to face interview - whether they have the right skillset, experiences, qualifications, etc. Sometimes we even need to put the candidate through various assessments and invite them for multiple interviews before a job offer is made. The assumption is that once the candidate accepts our offer and a commencement date is agreed,…


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It takes change to make change

For us human beings, change has always been ingrained into our heads as something difficult; anything from changing houses to a household brand we use on a daily basis. The same applies within the workplace. When change is introduced, it brings a level of anxiety and discomfort for workers as it puts them out of their comfort zone. Despite this, for businesses to remain competitive and improve their performance, change is required. As Henry Ford once said, “if you always do what you’ve…


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Employer obligations to work-related injury or illness

Regardless of what state we reside in, an employer has a duty of care to provide and maintain a safe workplace for all its employees. However, unfortunately despite all efforts, incidents and injuries still occur in the workplace. When an employee becomes ill or injured because of their work, and has incapacity for work, the employer has an obligation to ensure that they are cared for; has every opportunity to recover and return to work. Let’s explore this in more detail for…


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It’s 2018… Does your business celebrate diversity & inclusion?

We live in an interesting era where despite the advancement of globalisation and technology, we still come across or hear from bigots daily; including some of our politicians to the everyday people. We all know how dangerous this can be to our society as it divides the community. What about in the workplace? If our workplaces were operating with that sort mentality, no doubt there will be a lot of conflict amongst employees, let alone the discrimination cases going through the roof for…


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How serious is ‘Serious Misconduct’?

It’s no brainer that when an employee engages in serious misconduct and they get caught, their employment will be terminated without giving it too much thought. One would think that the process should be relatively straightforward when compared to other types of dismissals, but why is it that employers still end up trying to battle an unfair dismissal or a general protection claim? That’s because most of the time, the correct process is not followed!…


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Employee Engagement - The workplace miracle drug!!

Struggling to engage employees in your workplace? If so, you’re not alone! It is estimated that almost 80% of Australian workers are disengaged in some aspect in their jobs. Due to this, businesses are feeling the pinch with lost revenue... It is said that if organisations get employee engagement right, it is treated as the miracle drug for workplace challenges!!…


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“You’re on performance management…”

Certain things in life come with a bad stigma. No doubt ‘performance management’ is one of those! When an employee is placed on performance management, it is common for other employees to automatically assume that the affected employee is not performing, and the employer is looking for a way to push them out of the business. However, this is a wrong assumption and should not be tolerated in today’s workplace. HR should not only assist with the performance management process but should also…


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Aligning HR strategy with business strategy

No doubt we have all heard the saying ‘I hope it turns out okay’ and it never does? Hence why it’s important not to rely on ‘hope’ and ‘luck’. The same applies in the business world. Organisations cannot take a chance with that kind of mentality when it comes to maximising its competitive advantage to accomplish its mission.  

Today’s businesses are evolving rapidly, therefore having a solid strategy is crucial for the success of any organisation. As they say, ‘an organisation without…


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Worried about a termination turning into an unfair dismissal claim? You have nothing to worry about if all the right steps are taken and if the employee has been afforded with procedural fairness. 

One of the most fundamental duties for HR professionals and managers of any size organisation is when it’s time to dismiss an employee from their position. If the right steps…


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Need to build a talent pipeline? Where do we begin?

Need your talent pipeline well-stocked for the new financial year? It may seem like a distant dream however it’s NOT, only if you get the initial stages of recruitment right.

Comparing the current workforce to a few decades ago, today more businesses are…


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