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Common New-Hire Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

The fun thing about being a hiring manager is that you never stop learning. The not-so-fun thing is that you usually learn through mistakes.

The competition for talent, limited budget, workforce planning, and not having access to the right system and tools – those are the four major challenges that Australian recruiters face when…


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3 Popular and Effective Ways to Structure Your HR Team

Every HR team’s job is to ensure the wellbeing of the employees’ performance. Specifically, the goal of an HR department is to hire and fire people, to make sure that the employees are receiving their promised compensation and benefits, and to define, monitor, and report the employees’ work.

The purpose of every HR team is to maximize the productivity of the company by constantly optimizing the efficiency of all employees.

Therefore, as an employer, manager, or CEO, the best…


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Importance of organizational structure for business

There is absolutely fundamental need in company for a solid structure. Organizational structure concerns who reports to whom in the company and how elements are grouped together. A new company cannot go forward with out this.

There are several organizational structures companies can choose from. The most popular structure is functional. The main benefit of this system is clear lines of communications from top to bottom. Another structure is organized along product lines. In this case…


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