6 ways HR can increase office productivity

Increasing office productivity is probably one of the main goals for all managers. Regardless of the type of business, in order for a company to stay competitive and continue growing, it is essential for the teams within it to be efficient and productive. Stress, prolonged hard work, and poor interpersonal relationships can impact the productivity of employees and lead to a significant drop in efficiency. In order to avoid this, HR teams are constantly looking for ways to mitigate the negative influences and improve the productivity of employees. Below are some ideas you should consider if you are facing a similar issue.

Allow for flexibility

Offering employees some flexibility when it comes to when and where they are going to work can do wonders for their morale. Giving them some freedom in terms of working hours or allowing certain employees to work from home or come in later can give them a sense of being in control of their work and increase their engagement and productivity, as well as overall happiness.

Team building exercises

Interpersonal relationships between co-workers are crucial for the productivity of the team as a whole. Although it may be hard to maintain good relationships among different people who work together, implementing some form of team building exercises can be very useful for overcoming differences and building a strong and focused team through fun activities. Once the team members get to know each other outside of the office and develop some camaraderie, their productivity at work will also get a boost.

Acknowledge good efforts

Feeling undervalued can leave employees struggling to find the motivation to do their best. On the other hand, an employee who knows their contributions are not going unnoticed will be inspired to continue working hard. Sometimes this can be achieved by simply taking the time to congratulate the employee on a job well done, or point them out as an example of a valuable asset of the company. Apart from encouraging the employee, acknowledging their effort will also motivate others.

Invest in employee happiness

The correlation between employee happiness and their productivity is beyond doubt, and showing your employees you care about the conditions they work under will give you great results in terms of productivity. There are several ways you can invest in employee happiness, with a coffee machine being one of the simpler and more affordable options. Most of your employees would probably enjoy being able to have a cup of coffee at work, so why not get a Lavazza Office Coffee Machine for them to use. A study has shown that coffee consumption has a positive effect on the attention and focus of employees, in contrast to sweetened beverages, which is another reason for you to consider this option.

Consider giving incentives

Implementing some sort of an incentive program can give your hard-working employees some extra motivation, as well as a way to express appreciation of their efforts. The incentives don’t necessarily have to be in form of cash. Your employees would probably be just as happy with a few extra days off, or a couple of vouchers. Choose an incentive which suits you, and encourages your employees to do the best they can all the time.

Provide comfortable desks and seating

Sitting in an uncomfortable chair at work can be detrimental to both the health of the employees and their productivity. Providing them with quality chairs and practical desks, along with instructions on how to set them up for maximum productivity and safety is a good place to start. The productivity of employees can also be positively affected by encouraging them to maintain a tidy desk, as a messy environment can prove to be distracting.

Maintaining a high level of productivity among employees can be challenging in today’s environment with a large number of distractions. However, it is an important task and always worth the effort. Offering your employees encouragement, support and understanding will go a long way in terms of how they perceive the company they are employed in, and create a culture of collaboration and happiness. Once the employees feel comfortable coming to work and appreciated for their efforts, you can be sure the overall productivity of the company will rise.

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