7 Benefits of Foreign Language Training Programs for Employees

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In an increasingly competitive market, attracting, retaining, and rewarding employees is becoming more and more of a challenge.

Some companies turn to bonuses, perks, and office upgrades. But others choose to provide their employees with something they can’t spend, touch, or brag about – nevertheless, it’s something they can certainly use, upgrade, and leverage into an even better career.

Educational courses and training programs are becoming more and more appealing to a millennial crowd who are looking for meaning in the workplace. Among those, language training programs are some of the best you can offer your employees. Here’s why:

Increased creativity

Learning another language can boost the creativity and thought patterns of your employees. As they begin to grasp new terms and phrases, their minds will begin to approach problems and challenges differently. Ultimately, they will benefit from an added worldview when coming up with solutions both in the workplace and in their personal lives.

Improved understanding of others

Learning a foreign language also means you learn a lot about a new culture, and it provides access to new and previously untapped knowledge sources. Considering that the languages we learn to speak as children highly impact the way we think as adults, opening our minds up to new ways of thinking can be an excellent way to gain an edge in the business world.

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This unique understanding of others also helps foster empathy and understanding, which are invaluable to anyone who works with international clients and companies. With these qualities, professionals will be more adept at understanding their clients’ worldviews, and thus better equipped to provide solutions to their problems.

Higher international value

Plenty of companies would rather do business with someone who also speaks their language, than use English as the business lingua franca that is has become. So if your team speaks another language (or several languages), your company instantly gains a new edge on the market.

Even something as simple as using someone’s native Spanish in email communication can instantly boost your value in the eyes of a prospective partner or customer.

Of course, the foreign markets your company works with or hopes to work with should influence your choice of language course to provide to your employees.

Improved English skills

When we learn a new language, we are, in a way, forced to think about the language we already speak as well. In that sense, learning something new will help your employees consider English and how they speak it, how some words are derived, and why some structures are so specific to the language. It might entice them to read more and improve their writing skills in their mother tongue as well.

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Of course, learning a new language will exercise the part of the brain that processes words, and any language-related activity will provide a general boost to the area.

Improved cognitive abilities

Learning something new, especially something as specific and challenging as a foreign language, is an excellent way to boost cognitive abilities. It’s a proven way to help prevent possible cognitive-impairing diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, down the line.

Any time we engage in a new and previously untried activity, our brains experience a whole lot of benefits. Naturally, these benefits can easily spill over into other areas of an employee’s life.

A boost in team spirit

Engaging in any activity as a group is bound to impact your team’s spirit and sense of belonging in a very positive way. 

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Some of your employees might already speak a smattering of a foreign language, or they might be more adept at learning languages than others. Through learning together and helping each other advance, they will form a sense of togetherness that was not present before. This is the type of camaraderie that can only ever be fostered in a classroom environment.

A boost in confidence

Mastering a new skill provides an instant confidence boost – especially as it does not come easy, and there is a lot of hard work involved in the process. However, once your employees have conquered a new word, a new expression, or a new rule, their confidence will improve.

This boost will naturally impact the way they perform at their daily tasks – because confidence is a great productivity- and performance-booster.

Final thoughts

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Setting up language training for your employees will benefit both them and the company itself. Your employees will feel better about themselves and be more confident, which will reflect on your bottom line as well. Not to mention, their advanced knowledge of a new language can help open up entirely new avenues of business for the company.

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