A Stress-Free Room in the Workplace for Improved Productivity

Boosting productivity is the goal of every company. This is easier said than done, as there are numerous factors at play, employees’ stress being just one of them. Luckily, you can reduce the stress your workers are exposed to by creating a leisure room where they would unwind. The end result will be a well-rested workplace that is ready to put in 100% every day at work.

What is a “recharge room?”

More and more companies (and big ones at that) are building “recharge rooms” on their premises. These rooms are something between kitchens, lounges, and leisure rooms. It is hardtop define a recharge room because workers can do various things there, from taking a nap, across stretching out, all the way to meditate.

Essentially, a recharge room is a stress-free space where workers unwind, taking their mind off work. As their stress levels go down, their brain resets, and they recharge their life energy, much like you would charge your cellphone’s battery.

An employee who has spent his/her break in the recharge room is ready to tackle the toughest of assignments and projects. Although you can stock it with game consoles, the recharge room should be peaceful enough for workers to relax and meditate inside it.

A meditation room

Yoga originated in ancient India but today, more and more Westerners are taking up this physical and spiritual practice. In fact, some of your works might be into yoga but they are unable to practice it at work. By creating a room with a floor and mat and a small table beside it, you are copying a yoga studio.

A yoga session can last only 5 minutes but still, be effective. This makes yoga ideal for unwinding at work, so it is worth the effort to create a stress-free space for yoga. Employees will learn to stretch, control their breathing, they will sleep better, and their blood flow will improve.

Creating a game room

Playing games at work can hardly be associated with productivity, right? In reality, creating a game room inside the office is a great way to boost productivity. Video games are an excellent way for workers to unwind and “transport” their minds into another, stress-free realm.

The best thing about a game room is that it can be blended in with the rest of the amenities in the recharge room. A single game console of the latest gen will soon prove to be a hit among the employees. In addition to a game room, you shouldn’t frown upon those employees who use their breaks to play single-player games on their smartphone, as this is a great way to get rid of stress.

An office theatre

Apart from playing video games, workers like to watch movies and read books. The latter doesn’t need a whole room but only a comfy armchair. However, watching movies requires professional screening equipment. From the projector ceiling mount to a good-quality movie projector, the employer should turn the recharge room into a mini-cinema.

The microwave in the office kitchen can be used for making popcorn and a fridge full of fizzy drinks should make the experience memorable. Of course, the video and audio system should possess the mute function if other employees are bothered by loud noises.

An office spa

Video games and movies drive some folks nuts, as they would rather get a massage during work hours. Well, hiring a massage therapist is exactly what the recharge room is for. Employees with a medical condition, a chronic migraine, and lumbar pain will benefit the most from turning the leisure room into a spa.

In addition to providing massages to staff, you can introduce chairs with lumbar support. Ergonomics are important for running every office and the HR department should know this. Only a happy and healthy workforce can be productive in the long run.

Sleeping on the job

Catching an employee napping at work is normally a bad thing but not all naps are the same. Namely, there are power naps that actually reinvigorate our mind and body so we feel more relaxed after doing off for half an hour.

In Japan, there are even special pods and rooms where employees working overtime can take their power naps. You don’t really need a high-tech sleep pod but rather a comfortable couch in the recharge room. In addition, you need to dim the lights, get a nice pillow, and an alarm clock so that an exhausted employee doesn’t oversleep. 

Trying a different, tech-free approach

So far, we have argued that movie projectors, game consoles, and smartphones help workers relax. However, if you notice that these high-tech solutions are bringing down productivity, try a radically different approach. A fully electronics-free room might be the thing your company needed to boost its productivity in the short run.

Since work-related stress and productivity are definitely related to one another, by destressing the people working for you, you are actually increasing productivity. Establishing a stress-free room should be an integral part of this process.

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