Apple and Aldi, the most ‘actively’ searched companies for jobs in Australia, over the last three years

Perkbox, Europe’s fastest growing employee experience platform, that recently launched in Australia, and SEMrush, a marketing analytics SaaS platform, have teamed up to find out some of the most popular job-related online searches between 2016 and 2018.

The research, which was undertaken by examining individuals’ searches for “how to get a job at ‘x’” found that the most searched for jobs were at Apple and Aldi, with Apple on top in 2016 and 2018 and Aldi coming first in 2017, whilst both alternating from first to second position year-on-year.

Aldi has experienced growth in brand popularity within Australia over the past few years, and it even has multiple Australian Facebook groups dedicated to swapping items, alerts for new products, and fan pages. Apple, on the other hand, has an attractive employee discount program and a great culture in addition to its global brand equity.

Further down the ranking appears Target, which features as one of the top five most searched employers  in all three years (#4 in 2016; #3 in 2017, +43.6%; #4 in 2018, -5.3%), while Priceline appeared twice (#3, 2016; #3, 2018), and Nike (#5, 2016), Uniqlo (#4, 2017), Footlocker (#5, 2018), and Cotton On (#5, 2017) each appeared once.

Search trends for “full time job” and “part time job” were also analysed. Both search terms showed stable periods between March 2016 to September 2016 and between February 2018 and November 2018. The leadership spill in September 2015 is likely to be one of the largest factors for feelings of employment insecurity in the search trends prior to March 2016.

“Full time job” shows an upwards trend following January 2017, suggesting that Australians are looking for more stable employment. In December of 2018 the ABC reported that national unemployment was at a high of 5.1% and the Bureau of Statistics estimates showed 43,000 part time jobs were created while 6,400 full time jobs were lost.

Ben Leeds, Country Manager at Perkbox Australia says: “Whether you’re a supermarket or a tech giant, businesses that are leading the way in attracting the right talent are clearly developing a wait list of candidates watching for announcements about job openings. As a business leader, having strong employee programmes in place can make a huge difference in achieving this. Positive experiences often get shared externally amongst employees’ friends and relatives, and this goes a long way in generating some hype around your brand alongside your broader marketing efforts.”

Olga Andrienko, Head of Global Marketing at SEMrush says: ‘It’s no surprise that job related searches increased in January and then in the spring, again. On a global level, we see that demand for ‘office jobs’ prevail over the ‘freelance’, which was popular in many countries several years ago. Now people are more interested in a stable working environment.’

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