Are you Serious about your future success?

As I build my consultancy helping experts to become confident and successful influencers and leaders, I’m struck by how many time wasters I meet.

Of course, these people are an irritation to me. But they’re also wasting their own time, resources and personal ‘energy’ as they flit from one free meeting, seminar or webinar to the next – picking up crumbs, but with no focus or strategy. These are not serious people. I doubt that many of them ever achieve the success they claim to seek.

Skin in the game?

Serious people understand that they need to invest in their growth and learning. They need to acquire new skills and, patiently but surely, build the influence and positioning that’s essential to achieving success in our volatile world. Serious people get that they need to have some ‘skin in the game’ (probably money) to help them to focus and commit.

Free but not cheap

Few of us are good at valuing information, teaching or advice that we haven’t paid for. Significant growth requires hard work, sacrifice and discomfort. In my experience of mentoring over 100 consultants, execs and entrepreneurs over the last few years - there are always points of disturbance and emotional growth that are tough to negotiate. They are also essential to getting great results.

If we’ve just rocked up for some free stuff that then asks us to commit to any of the above, we find it easy to slip, procrastinate and make excuses – after all it’s cost us nothing right?

But in another sense this approach costs us everything. It robs us of our ability to actually attain what we seek. If a low risk, low-cost approach never actually delivers, isn’t it just death by a thousand cuts? If you speak to those who have achieved the success you want, you’ll find pretty much all of them have invested (often significantly) in their growth.

If you aren’t serious about you, why should anybody else be?


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