Defining your recruitment process

As businesses we can often rush the recruitment process. This may be due to a staff member leaving at short notice and therefore leaving your business short staffed and under prepared. As such we do not always take the time to think through the recruitment process or give appropriate thought to what employing a new team member may look like. I previously wrote about some of the questions that you need to ask yourself before advertising a new role, which you can read here. Once you have thought about the role in detail, what comes next in the recruitment process?

Compelling Job advert

One of the most important parts of any recruitment process is putting together a compelling job advert. The job advert is designed to attract candidates to the role, so make it as interesting and compelling as you can. It is critical that you outline the expectations of the role, talk about some of the reasons as to why a candidate would want to come and work for your company, and try to incorporate some of your business culture into it. To assist in this talk to some of your current team members and enquire as to what it is that they enjoy about working in the business. Make yourself stand out from he crowd and ensure that your companies DNA shines through in the way that you write and advertise your role.

Where to advertise

The question always arises as to where you should advertise your vacant positions? My response to this is always ensure that you know your audience. For example if it was a professional role you may need to look at advertising on a paid job site. However for other roles there are other means that will allow you to advertise with out any cost at all such as local job boards. Also don’t be afraid to use social media to advertise your role as well. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter can all be used very successfully to advise to potential candidates of some of the job opportunities that you have available.

Be prepared to manage high volumes of candidates

It is surprising how many candidates may apply for a role, and not being prepared to deal with the volume of candidates that come across your desk can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Have you made some basic decisions as to how you will deal with the candidates that apply. Will you acknowledge each application, will you only talk to those candidates that you want to interview, how will the candidates that apply feel about your business and the recruitment process. These are important questions to ask yourself and as such take the time to make the decision to how you will manage candidate applications from the very beginning.

How are you vetting candidates

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of the recruitment process is how you are going about vetting candidates, from their initial application to the ones that you would like to talk to for the first round of interviews. When vetting candidates it is critical to always use the same criteria for each role and to have determined what that it is prior to commencing. If you have made it clear that you require a pre-detemrined skill set, then use that as your initial vetting criteria.

The next steps

Once you have started to vet candidates into those that you believe might suit a role and those who might not, you will need to start looking at how you want to interview your candidates. Will it be an initial phone interview or face to face interview, have you reviewed your interview questions, and do you know who is running the interviews? Ensuring you have worked through these points means that you are better prepared for the interview stage. Also take the time to send an email to those candidates who were not successful. They took the time to apply for a role and as such should be shown the courtesy of being informed if they were not successful.

Ensuring that you have taken the time to go through these points and determine a plan of action when you recruit is critical to ensuring that your candidates have a clear and positive experience with your business through the recruitment phase. Whether the candidate is successful or not they will appreciate that you have a clear and defined recruitment process in place.

Dan Jones - Managing Partner Teamfinder

About Teamfinder Teamfinder is a recruitment company which connects great businesses with great candidates, we like to do things a little differently so we also offer comprehensive training packages, fixed rate recruitment, and most importantly we help save you time and money.

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