Gen Y: What do They Expect in a Workplace?

Gone are the days when employees come to work just for their pay cheque. All employees (especially Gen Y’s) want to feel valued and that their work really is making a difference.

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If you are finding it difficult to motivate your youngest employees, try these 5 recognition tips to keep them engaged and inspired.

  1. Give public recognition. Saying thanks in front of a Gen Y’s peers and colleagues does wonders for Gen Y’s sense of contribution. Gen Y’s like to feel a sense of accomplishment and saying thanks in this environment will do just that.
  2. Give instant recognition. Thanking a Gen Y for a job well done 3 months after the work is complete is a sure fire way to disengage your Gen Y employees. Gen Y’s want things to happen ASAP so ideally you want to be recognising them within 3 days of the desired behaviour being displayed.
  3. Have a wide variety of rewards on offer. The last thing a Gen Y wants is having a reward forced on them that they don’t like. Make sure there are a range of rewards for them to choose from as this will ensure there is something to appeal to all tastes and interests.
  4. Invest in training. Gen Y’s love to learn so offering to send them on courses and training is an excellent way to reward their hard work and efforts.
  5. Show them what their work matters. How is their work impacting the department, organisation and community as a whole? Recognising and telling Gen Y’s that they effort is noticed and is making a difference will make a huge impact to their engagement.

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