Office “Chill” Zones Are a Must in 2019

Even though a lot of people talk about a healthy work-life balance, not a lot of them are in a position to actually practice it. That is unless the employer that they’re working for decides to do something about it. We’re, of course, referring to the concept known as office chill zone. Now, this phrase could stand for a number of different ideas and approaches, which is why we’ll try to cover as many different concepts as we can. With that in mind and without further ado, here are several office chill zones that you must consider creating in 2019.

        1. Game rooms

The simplest idea to pull off in 2019, even if it’s not the most frugal one, is the idea of game rooms. Depending on your budget, the available space and the number of employees that you expect to visit this room, you can take several different approaches. For instance, you can install a massive TV on one of the walls and equip the place with either Nintendo Wii or Xbox with Kinect. This way, you can make a contest, even a tournament, between your employees with others acting as a temporary audience. Other than this, you could also invest in a VR device (Oculus Rift or HTC Vive), thus providing the majority of your employees with tech-savvy entertainment they wouldn’t normally have access to.

        2. Tech-free zone

The next idea you could use to your benefit is a tech-free zone that you can arrange in any way you deem as fitting. You see, your employees will be spending most of the time behind their computers or holding their tablets and smartphones, which means that the experience of doing, more or less, the same in the breakroom won’t really feel that much different. However, what if you were to rearrange your balcony or roof so that it becomes a tech-free zone. At the entrance, you can make a custom-made wall shelving, where everyone will have a compartment in which they can deposit their phone. This way, they’ll be in an easier spot to resist the urge. For maximum security, you can even install a lock system and give each of your employees their own key.

        3. Office kitchen

A fully-functional furnished and equipped office kitchen can be essential for the wellbeing of employees. First of all, providing your employees with fresh fruit on a daily basis will make them feel more appreciated, which will boost their brand loyalty by quite the margin. Second, coffee is the fuel on which the modern business world is running, which is why an investment in Lavazza coffee Pods may be a choice that yields an incredible ROI. Still, there’s one more advantage, an egalitarian one, due to the fact that in the kitchen, everyone is an equally valuable member of the team, regardless of their function or position. Needless to say, this leads to further fraternization which helps your company’s collaboration levels skyrocket.

        4. Corporate office gym

The physical health of your employees may seem like something that should be outside of your scope of interest, yet, when you take several considerations, you make a sudden shift in perspective. First, you get to reduce the number of sick days that your employees take, due to the fact that physical fitness has an impact on their immunity and overall health. Second, you get improved morale, which is also a productivity factor. Various surveys show that happy employees tend to be 12 per cent more productive and a correlation between physical exercise and positive mood is a well-established scientific fact.

         5. Nap rooms

While some employers may frown at the very idea of their employees taking a nap at work, this is a method that can really help boost productivity. Ideally, your employees would get enough sleep outside of company hours, however, this is really not something that you can control. Now, there are some studies proving that even a 20-minute nap is enough to drastically boost alertness amongst your employees. Well, if this is the case, wouldn’t it be much better to provide your employees with ultimate sleeping conditions, which will allow them to get the most out of these sessions? This is what nap rooms are all about.

         6. Meditation space

Sometimes, all you need is some quiet alone time and the best way to get it is to find a solitary meditation space. What if the office that you’re working in had a room made with this purpose in mind? The decorative elements like bells and chimes, affirmation stones, a statue of Buddha or any related artwork are just the tip of the iceberg. What you need is a serene ambience that can only come through a firm set of meditation room rules and a tolerant office culture.

         7. Kindergarten room

Lastly, it’s incredibly important that you understand just how hard it is for a woman in 2019 to maintain a healthy work-life balance. This is why more and more companies are indulging into the idea of starting their own kindergarten rooms within the office premises. Just think about just how refreshing and recharging it would be if one could spend their 20-minute break with their child, instead of having to wait for hours until their shift is finally over. This alone would eliminate the issue where a working mom has to worry about options like traditional kindergarten or hiring a babysitter. Needless to say, this could make a company incredibly appealing for new hires and ensure the loyalty of their staff, leading to incredibly high talent retention rate.

In conclusion

As you can see, the purpose and the design of these rooms completely varies depending on the intention behind it. While they may offer different things, they always lead to the same goal – making an office a much more pleasant and welcoming place to work at, as well as making employees feel more appreciated. On their own, each of these reasons would be good enough to seriously consider creating one such chill-zone on your office floor (or near it). The choice of the direction that you decide to take is all yours.

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