Older job seekers - shadows fall over DEEWR

Bosses will be paid to hire workers aged 50 years or over under a Federal Coalition government.

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has proposed an employment incentive of $3,250 to employers who hire a mature age worker and keep them on for at least six months. This is effectively an old policy they trotted out at the last election.

The ALP’s Jobs Bonus scheme of $1000 (GST exclusive) for employers who employ an  mature age job seeker for 13 weeks is a colossal failure. So far, less than 200 Australians have been employed under the scheme.

"In some circumstances, employers express a preference to give job opportunities to younger workers because of a mistaken belief older worker won't contribute as much, notwithstanding the experience and skill levels of older workers," Mr Abbott said in a statement.

The plan complements other Coalition proposals to get people into work. These include a job commitment bonus payment of $2400 to the long-term unemployed if they stay off welfare for one year.

The Australian public deserve to know what the economic ramifications of the retiring baby boomers will be.

If the coalition is elected, it’s back to square one for older worker and job seeker initiatives. But as the ALP and DEEWR have failed to move on from ‘square one’, the public will be none the wiser.

Both the ALP and DEEWR are to blame for taking four years to launch the older worker and job seeker initiatives. A new broom needs to be taken to DEEWR in the hunt for both effectiveness and efficiency.

A new Government needs to ‘dust bust’ DEEWR’s media unit which has done next to nothing to promote the issues and remedies available to older workers and job seekers.

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