Reward and Recognition – Know Your Values

A common question we are asked when it comes to developing a recognition culture is:

“Where do I start?”

This is a common problem that many will come across, as knowing your intentions is one thing, but rolling out a strategy is something else altogether, and to be able to act, you need a structure or plan in place to guide the process.

We can give you some pretty good advice, and this would be to “know your values”.

The values of your organisation are crucial:

-          Identify them

-          Define them

-          Encourage them daily

When it comes to driving engagement, your organisational values will be the very pillars on which your program operates and ultimately succeeds.

For example, we use our own program here at Sydney HQ. We base the categories for recognition on the values of our company. These are:

Teamwork – self-explanatory really, but it is surprising how much more teamwork you will see once it is established as one of the key valued behaviours in the workplace.

Ambition – employees who never settle for “average” are the right kind of employees to have and should be recognised for such behaviour.

Innovation – problem solvers are indispensable, encouraging employees to perpetually pursue new ways to innovate should always prompt recognition.

Service – whether B2B or B2C, good client service is fundamental to the success of any business, and is probably the most valuable thing to recognise in employees.

Responsibility – it’s all well and good to consistently innovate, but not maintaining the everyday essentials will spell disaster, employees who can oversee the day-to-day are the best balance to “big idea” individuals.

Be Connected – communication, it is the key to success in the workplace and applies to customer and colleague communication as well as awareness of industry and market.

As you see, the award categories are solid tangible behaviours that are important for every employee to display, and they have a direct correlation to business success. Have you considered how well you know your organisational values and whether they are connected to your reward and recognition strategy?

Using company values in this way will mean that recognition becomes the cause of good work, rather than the response to it.

Mark is the General Manager of Power2Motivate APAC, delivering world class employee recognition and B2B loyalty programs to a wide range of clients.

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