Rights and Obligations at Work Related Events

When is a work related event not a work related event and when do the rules of the workplace apply? The rights and obligations of employers and employees can be blurred at times.

A function held on work premises, for example, can at times be a private event and outside the scope of an employer’s obligations. And a private off site event can also at times be considered work related if an employer has directed an employee to be at that event.

This has implications both in terms of worker’s compensation entitlements and also the applicability of workplace behaviour policies. While this may be a grey area at times, employers can offer some certainty and manage the expectations of employees by applying measures in advance of such events taking place.

In this discussion with Martin Reid, an industrial relations, safety and employment law specialist with Coulter Roache Lawyers, we discuss some situations that may provide clarity and insights to employers and employees in regards to such matters.

A full transcript of the discussion with Martin is available on our website here.

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