This is how to get value out of your recruiter

It’s not uncommon to hear recruiters being heavily criticised by their clients. And often it’s well deserved. But as with most contentious issues in life, there is more to poor recruiter service than meets the eye.

Certainly it’s true that employers who invest in their relationship with their recruiter reap the best rewards. Check out this short video for key tips on how to get the best value from your recruiter.

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  • Firstly, it’s critical to choose a specialist and then work with that recruiter exclusively on each brief. That way you get full the full commitment of the recruiter, which is key to accessing the best talent, and it takes focus off speed and puts it on quality, where you want it.
  • Transparency is critical if you want to get the best for your recruitment fees. Be sure to provide your recruiter with detailed, honest and direct information on everything to do with the hire, including salary ranges and whether there are other candidates in the running.
  • Commit time. This is the biggest barrier to an effective outcome for the client, and frankly, I see employers get this wrong all the time. You need to provide a detailed brief on each role, and invest in the recruiter so they can truly understand your business and its culture.
  • Communicate. A good recruiter will work in your best interests at all times, but they need an open channel of communication to do that. Give feedback on candidates the recruiter presents, keep them abreast of changes to your job descriptions, and advise them early if your hiring criteria change.

In a recruiting relationship the same rules apply to any other relationship, business or personal. Open communications is the foundation and you have to give to get.


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