Top 5 Skills that Get You that Bigger Paycheck

Increased earnings are the goal of every professional out there and this is obviously achieved through increasing your overall skillset. However, possessing certain skills tends to pay off more than blatantly trying to work on improving every aspect of your professional self. So what skills are we talking about here? Well, we’ve outlined 5, to get you started.

1.      SAS

Developed by SAS Institute for advanced analytics, multivariate analyses, business intelligence, data management and predictive analytics at the North Carolina State University, SAS (pronounced “sass”) has been around for quite some time now, drawing its origin all the way back to 1976. This is a software suite that is able to mine, alter, manage, as well as retrieve data from a large number of sources and perform statistical analysis. SAS software can be obtained by reviewing online forums and doing research on SAS discussion forums. A valuable addition to your skillset, this technology will help you become a better data analyst.

2.      Java

One of the most popular programming languages, there is no wonder that Java made our list – it is used widely and the fact that it’s Google’s language of choice for Android apps speaks for itself. So why is knowing Java so important? Well, because it’s quite easy to learn and even more widespread in the world of computer system analysis, which means that becoming fluent in Java is slowly becoming a regular requirement. This is exactly why you need to hop onto the Java train as soon as possible!

3.      Web Design

If your profession is computer-based, you shouldn’t keep postponing learning web design. If your business ever needs a website, and it will (social media presence isn’t enough), knowing how to make and maintain your own online presence is going to prove to be a valuable skill, as opposed to coughing up cash for outsourcing it to someone else to build it for you. Unlike some website template designer, you are better off knowing every detail that went into your webpage. Even if you don’t necessarily run a business, knowing your way around website design can turn out pretty useful, be it for nailing that promotion or earning some extra pocket money on the side.

4.      Accounting

Not many people are interested in crunching numbers, but knowing basic accounting skills can go a long way in getting you on the road towards that bigger paycheck. In fact, a successful executive is well aware of the fact that they need to know everything about their business and accounting is one of the most important factors here. A solid understanding of the basic accounting equation, familiarity with accounting lingo, being able to differentiate unethical and illegal accounting practices from those otherwise and the ability to use basic accounting software are all equally important parts of becoming fluent in basic accounting. Unfortunately, unlike SAS, Java and web design, this skill is a bit more difficult to get into without training, but, luckily, there are many practical accounting courses available out there if you’re interested; online or otherwise.

5.      Project Management

Essentially, project management means learning to multitask by organizing and executing a plan in order to reach certain goals. Finding a mentor always beats taking a training course, but exercising both will help any individual become efficient in terms of time and resources. Every professional should know the basics of project management, the business owners and the employees alike!

These 5 skills will get you going on the road towards that bigger paycheck in terms of their respective target professions, but knowing more than one skill from this set can open new job positions as well. Knowledge of SAS, web design and Java is applicable in many professions, while accounting and project management will help you deal with finances and time management in your day-to-day life.

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