Understanding the 7 reasons why people don’t do things

As the economy begins to show signs of recovery in a number of areas everyone is under increasing pressure to perform even though resources are stretched to the limit.  Customers and clients are becoming even more demanding and ‘good’ is no longer good enough.  Your products and services need to be ‘excellent’ just to survive. 

This means constant evolution and improvement but some people just don’t do what you ask. 

There is a list of 7 reasons why people don’t do things and some of them may seem very obvious.  However, it never ceases to surprise me that when I discuss them with Managers who are complaining about their people not performing there is often one item on the list which, when addressed, makes all the difference.  

We call them the 7 Performance Traps.  

Watch the video clip below to see which ones may be hindering your team's performance.  They apply equally to Directors, Managers and your people. 

The 7 Performance Traps

I would be interested to hear which of the 7 Traps is snaring your Managers or your people in the comments below. 

Remember  . . . Stay Curious 

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