Why the office kitchen can be a health & safety battleground

The office kitchen is the heart and soul of a business. A place where employees come together to bond over a meal, collaborate over a tea or coffee, and make sure they eat enough healthy food to keep them going for the rest of the day.

With white goods like toasters out and being used all day, water boiling for tea, and unhealthy food options easily accessible, keeping the office kitchen safe and healthy is a challenge for most businesses.

While you might think you’re doing everything you can to keep everyone happy, healthy and safe in the kitchen you could consider a few other elements to add to the mix.

Cleaning the fridge

The dreaded task of cleaning the fridge. No one wants to do it yet it is necessary from a safety point of view. A disorganised fridge overflowing with containers and food stuffs often leads to items toppling out of the fridge, potentially causing injury and spillages.

Having old food in the fridge that is well beyond the expiry date can be a health hazard as well, so it must be regularly cleaned.

Non-slip mats

In a busy kitchen, it isn’t long before there is a spill. Whether it be from the sink, a drink, or even an overflowing dishwasher, a spill is dangerous as it can often lead to a fall and injury. Non-slip mats prevent falls even when there is the inevitable spill in the kitchen.

Non-slip mats should be placed in areas that you think would be the most likely to have spills, like the sink area, or in front of the fridge. To avoid trips onto the mat, look for seamless inclined edges on the side, rather than a chunky step.

Regular replacement of cleaning items

Germs and bacteria are abundant in office kitchens, especially if cleaning items aren’t replaced regularly. Dish cloths, brushes, tea towels, and sponges are all perfect items for germs to grow, and so need to be changed frequently. Having cleaning cloths with antibacterial spray or wipes readily available around the kitchen will also help encourage employees to clean up any mess and reduce the growth of germs.

Organised utensils

A poorly organised kitchen drawer containing sharps can easily cause injury. Make sure utensils are kept neat and organised. Think about having safety cases for knives and scissors.

A few small changes to the office kitchen can help ensure the safety and health of your employees. Take an objective look at your kitchen and think about other ways you can improve.

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